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Fxr Barn Legion Hjälm Patriot

Storlek Large

• Lightweight, strong, advanced polymer alloy
• Adjustable ultra hi-flow shape reduces drag & protects from snow & roost
• Quick-Release, easy-adjust buckle
• Dual-density EPS liner
• Extended rubber nose frost & roost guard
• Rear diffuser to transfer impact load to compatible neck braces
• Meets and exceeds National Safety Regulations
• Excellent fit on any youth head
• Wear-resistant cheek pads
• High-flow adjustable air ventilation system
• Integrated removable breath box available
• Hygienically-treated, removable, washable, moisture-wicking, comfort liner
• Optional cheek pads and liners available to grow with your child
DOT CND/USA from 1260g, ECE EU from 1260g

1,295.00 kr

2 i lager

Storlek Large